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Kevin ForesmanSeeUnSeen is an online portal to the abstract fine art photography of Kevin Foresman. Kevin is a multimedia artist working in photography, audio, video, podcast broadcasting and web design. He studied film, television and music, but always worked in management for restaurant and logistics companies in his professional career life. After a spiritual awakening, his life path changed and he became more determined to delve back into these arts had become his passion again. During a time of deep personal evaluation and contemplation, Kevin discovered a connection between his growing fascination with spirituality and a mix of multimedia channels that could be used to express newfound freedom and paths to enlightenment.

Kevin is an energy healer which helps him develop his current professional career. He is co-owner of Massage Integration, a mobile massage company based in Dallas, TX and operating in 20 cities in Texas. He also owns Health Reconnection, an energy healing and alternative wellness company that helps clients to learn to heal themselves in mind, body and spirit. Kevin is now focusing on sharing his insights and vision through his many multi-disciplinary talents.

SeeUnSeen is the depository for his visual imagery where his fans and clients can enjoy, purchase and share his photo artwork to help illuminate their lives and decorate their spaces with light.

To contact Kevin in regards to SeeUnSeen to purchase prints, questions about the photography or for more info, please email him here.